Hole #1
385 Yards - Par 4


This starting dramatic driving hole has a tee that sits on top of a ridge and plays to an expansive green valley below. Shots are most rewarded by playing off the second ridge on the fairways left side. This gives you a chance for extra yards and to stay clear of the large trophy Walnut tree short of the green on the right. A classic long and narrow Joseph Roseman green complex rewards only on line shots and misses short. Left or right leaves shots over sharp hillsides protecting the green.

Hole #2
514 Yards - Par 5


A driving hole that requires you to hit the fairway as you need to split two water hazards. If you stay left you have a better angle at the elevated green complex. This uphill two-tiered green is well protected by bunkers up front and has a false front.

Hole #3
336 Yards - Par 4


A shorter downhill par 4 that doglegs left to the hole around a pond. Potentially reachable for longer hitters this hole is best played by leaving your shot right of center to avoid large cotton wood trees short of the green. It is best to stay below the pin as this green has a severe front to back slope and false front.

Hole #4
197 Yards - Par 3


The first par three on the course. This uphill shot carries over a pond to a large green with bunkers guarding the front. Green is over 50 yards long and has a bailout area left and long. The likelihood is that an additional club will help you get up the hill.

Hole #5
536 Yards - Par 5

Hole 5 is a long dogleg right par 5. Trees run up both the left and right side so an accurate drive is required here. The left side allows for the corner to be mastered. The second shot is a premium to best set up for an approach to a small front to back sloping green. The access to the green is first protected by two fairway bunkers and then by two greenside bunkers. This hole should be played conservatively.

Hole #6
430 Yards - Par 4

This is one of the 3 top rated holes on the course and is a long par 4 that plays to a wide fairway and then over a ravine to the green. Avoid the right side on your tee shot because your approach shot could be obstructed from trees right side and also the large cavernous greenside bunker. Aim for the center of the back to front sloping green with large surrounding apron right and left.

Hole #7
202 Yards - Par 3


Long par 3 that resembles a Redan style hole. This classic green has all the strategy of a risk reward that a green can offer. The tee shot is slightly uphill to a green that is open at the face but has a huge ridge right with a deep bunker protecting as well as coffin bunkers left and behind the green. The best shot is to attempt to fly over the right ridge and feed the ball to the center of the green.

Hole #8
286 Yards - Par 4


A true drivable par 4 if you can fly the center fairway pot bunker. The green has significant front to back slope that required below the hole placement if that birdie put is to be attacked. Don’t go left and over because the collection area feeds directly to a bunker 10 below green elevation and you may not recover. Always a birdie hole but also one that is well bunkered and fun.

Hole #9
421 Yards - Par 4


This long uphill par-four that plays longer than any hole on the golf course. The tee shot is played over Tenner's Ridge, which may stop your forward progression or give it a good kick. Your second shot must be carried over the false front of the green. Be delicate with your putt as you may find your ball back at the base of the ravine before the green.

Hole #10
447 Yards - Par 4


This tee shot requires a rise over the green monster a high hill that protects the fairway. This narrow fairway slopes from left to right. An accurate drive is required to hold the fairway. Your approach shot plays downhill to the green that is protected by bunkers on the left and right side. It’s best to be short of the green rather than long.

Hole #11
149 Yards - Par 3


Shorter par three all at grade with long deep bunkers framing the green. Swirling winds above the tree line can affect ball flight so it is best to play in low and run the ball to the green. You can miss the green short, but anywhere else and you may struggle to make par.

Hole #12
418 Yards - Par 4


This par 4 features a tree line rolling fairway with bunkers up the left side. The shot to the green is blind but feeds over a ridge to a punch bowl green. A coffin bunker protects left of the green.

Hole #13
214 Yards - Par 3


Downhill all the way with a large green framed by a pond. Club selection is key if want to leave yourself a reasonable putt. Bunkers protect the front and right sides of the green. Any shot left of center may roll off the green due to its slope toward the water and expanded collar and a swale on the greens left side.

Hole #14
539 Yards - Par 5

First of back-to-back par 5’s on the back nine. This long narrow hole plays slightly up hill to a green that is at grade but falls off to bunkers right and left side. Two fairway bunkers and out of bounds left steer you to the right side of the short grass. The green is at grade and rewards a run up shot to a generally flat surface that doesn’t put as easy as it looks.

Hole #15
517 Yards - Par 5

Strategic reachable par 5 that has three fairway bunkers including a pot bunker off the tee. The tee shot is best threading two bunkers up the left side. The green is well guarded with deep bunkers surrounding but the front is open for the approach. The knob at the front right of the green defends the right-to-left sloping green.

Hole #16
371 Yards - Par 4


Tee shot is best aimed down the left side of the fairway to avoid the large greenside walnut tree. Over the tree is not an option. This is the most unique Roseman green on the course with a wrapped with berm approaches. The tree and green design are the defense of the hole with no bunkers.

Hole #17
369 Yards - Par 4

A slight dogleg left to a large elevated green that is sloped from back to front. The green features a false front and a hidden rear bunker for over aggressive shots. The peak of the green is on the left side and has an extended collar. Pins located back right with a bunker right to carry or left and short with the false front.

Hole #18
386 Yards - Par 4


This par 4 returns you to the clubhouse on the hill, as the hole is level off the tee to an elevated green 40’ higher than the landing zone. The tee shot is tree lined. A pair of directional bunkers sit 60 yards short of the green. While this is not an original Roseman green it has amazing character with potato chip rolls and an expanded apron left. After you survive the finish you can watch your cohorts from the clubhouse patio.